About Obarlo

It's pretty simple. I'm trying to provide you with the products you need to make your bar work, whether you're a business, involved with events, or simply just trying to complete your own home bar.

I've worked in every scene you can image, from clubs, pubs, dives, private events, public events, fine-dining, to casual restaurants, in every capacity there is from bussing, to serving, but generally behind the bar. I know what I reach for when I need to make a drink, and which tools I trust and rely on the most. 

That's what I've put together here. These are the essentials. These are the tools that make it all work, and what you'll see here are the tools I consider "the best at what they do".

Why is this called "Obarlo"? Because these are drop-shipped products. I make no bones about it; that is exactly what this store is. But I've taken the time to hunt through and assemble what I consider to be the best out there. What you'll find here is no different than what you'd find from any of the larger distributors who slap their own name on it.

Wish I carried something that you find useful? Let me know, I'll do my best to find it for you, but for the most part, I've put together a pretty comprehensive collection here, and generally if I'm missing something (like glassware) it's because I'm not the right person to get that from, or I simply can't find the right supplier.

My hope is that this becomes your resource for easy to find solutions for the equipment you need.

Happy mixing!